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              Already 46 Years successfully ...

              Inventors and global market leader of the fastest

              testing lane.


Today, more than 17,500 HEKA testing lanes are in continuous operation in car

dealerships, independent garages, tyre services, and official inspection authorities,

for car safety = toe, brakes, suspension, tread pattern ...

on our roads and a great economical result for HEKA owners.


For 46 Years, HEKA testing lanes have been manufactured and developed further

in Freiburg / Germany, from the practice of Auto-Kallinich, the owner’s independent garage,*

for the service business as an active sales support in modern car dealerships. 



Plate Brake Tester HEKA Test Lanes



Today, each new HEKA testing lane is supplied for connection to your own

PC or  laptop system Microsoft Windows®    7 / 8 / 10, together with the

HEKA Assist A7.2 CD-ROM.


Testing technology: state-of-the-art DMS high-speed sensors for all electronically

controlled car brake systems, permanent 4-wheel drives, brake assistants,

Electric hand brake EPB, ABS, low-chassis sports cars,

double-axis trailers, motorcycles, tractors...


HEKA offers the speediest inspection time of only 30 seconds and the quickest

 24-hour service around the globe.


"Reliable service-based yield"

A 25% increase in turnover*

Testing lane for MOT and additional repair and maintenance work.




NEW! HEKA Testing lane generation UNIVERS "TPA" or "TX" 4-cm above floor

           for simple mounting on the floor with a height of only 4 centimetres.


Dear customers,

We hope you enjoy studying the information about our current product line on the

following pages. In case of questions, please call us. We’ll be happy to assist you!



Your HEKA TEAM Freiburg.


HEKA: the money-making tool because every car can be diagnosed.



Brake Tester HEKA Display


Pruefstrasse HEKA Bremseprüfstand Allrad tauglich


 Bremsenprüfstand HEKA Stromverbrauch








  UNIVERS TP    2 plates PC connection


  UNIVERS TX    2 plates PC connection


  UNIVERS TXV 4 plates PC connection


  1. Brake and Shock test.                        

  2. Brake, Toe and Shock test.                

  3. Brake, Toe and Shock test.               


Manual  tp-Plan


Manual   TX-Plan


Manual  TXV-Plan







HEKA testing lanes, the advantages:

speedy diagnosing, located at entrance, electricity...


The HEKA testing lane’s five most important advantages:


1.  Fastest diagnosing of all daily vehicle processes regarding toe/brake/suspension.

     Takes only 30 seconds including results log.

     Brake testing values with multi-colour bar chart, suitable for 4-wheel drives,

     low-chassis sports cars and the latest version of electronic parking brake EPB.

     Shock absorber evaluation: post-oscillation method with curve graphics in colour.

     Toe results, dynamic measuring in 1/10 mm with tolerance analysis.

     List of visible defects such as exhaust, battery, etc. can be edited at any time!

     Advertising text lines for campaigns, special offers to your customers...


2.  Easiest operation because or fully automatic.

     Modern design 4cm above floor or in-floor installation, flat testing segments

     fit into every entrance, service areas, or thoroughfare, vehicles can drive over the

     segments also from the side.

     Colour RAL 5017 traffic blue (as used in traffic signs)

     Large-scale digital display with traffic light in 16:9 wide-screen format,

     well-organised print-out in colour, A4 format. Use it as a marketing tool:

     it helps you sell safety to your customers better!


3.  No installation costs with self-installation of the pre-assembled, calibrated

     assembly units according to assembly instructions.

     Low operating costs due to state-of-the-art sensor technology with

     low energy consumption:

     HEKA  50 watts and regular 100-240 V power supply/socket.

     No additional costs, as many of he technical questions can be answered by



4.  All parts of the system are pluggable modules and can be delivered to you

     for easy self-installation.


5.  Future-oriented through optional connection to your

     Microsoft Windows®   7 / 8 / 10.

     HEKA Assist A7.2 CD-ROM Windows® software + wire connection.


     The image below is an example:

     1. E-BOX   2. Your PC  

     3. Your printer for the HEKA printout  4. Your printer for the invoice















More than 17,500 customers have already made HEKA their favourite.


All this customers are putting their trust into us, and we’re proud of it

Why don’t you check some of the reasons our customers decided for HEKA...



We check all cars and the results clearly show it.

One of the best investments.

Fast, exact diagnosis.

HEKA creates satisfied customers.

My customers love it.

Gain of time is the most crucial advantage to me..

All MOT inspections also with HEKA.

Great customer service through testing.

An outstanding safety service - that’s how we distinguish ourselves and sell better.








All HEKA users offer their customers a special service and confirm to us as

manufacturer that HEKA is the best investment in your repair shop.


We will be glad to provide you with references in your vicinity, for an on-site visit.








For your business:

The business benefits of the HEKA testing lane...


1.  Test period including results log in just 30 seconds.


2.  Test location entrance: using valuable space economically, +25% turnover!


3.  One testing device for toe/brake/suspension/tyres. ALL IN ONE  =  4 IN 1.


4.  Energy savings: Consumption of electricity only 50 watts

                                      + power socket connection 100-220V.


5.  Long service life: Quality product ISO 9001, made in Germany.


6.  Certificates: Manufactured pursuant to ISO 9001,

     approved by the German technical inspection authorities (TÜV)

     in accordance with section 29, GS, CE, ASA.





7.  Cost effectiveness: amortisation within 30-90 days.


8.  Decision-making made easy: simply decide for the

                                                             best testing lane for the past 46 Years.


Put your costs on a diet. Now it’s time to sell service...


                          Every   4th car has got toe problems!


                          Every   5th car has got defective brakes!


                          Every 30th car has got problems with the suspension parts!


Make money with the best investment = the HEKA testing lane.


The reliable yield generated by your garage will make you more independent from

the economy and from vehicle sales.












Here is where the HEKA idea and philosophy were born:


HISTORY Auto Kallinich =

56 years automobile service + expertise.


The HEKA idea stems from the need of our independent service garage

Auto Kallinich located on Schwarzwaldstrasse in Freiburg / Southern Germany,

established in 1965, we needed a brake testing solution.


The power supply was sufficient for lifting platforms but not for the

brake tester available at the time.

There was no extra space, and we didn’t want to do without one of our six

lifting platforms. So what about the entrance?


If the market of 1975 was not able to offer a solution, consequentially,

our own idea needed to be realised.

So, we invented and built the world’s first super flat plate testing lane.


From that day on, we checked the brakes of the cars of all our service customers

right at our garage entrance.

The biggest surprise came to us when we realised that we were able

to quadruple our brake maintenance work.




How it all began—from daily practice and consistent development.



Herbert Kallinich opened his first independent Volkswagen garage.

The Volkswagen beetle period, a pure service business right from the start.

(View the images)



Herbert Kallinich installs the brake testing lane in his own independent Volkswagen

garage, directly in the entrance area, in those days the decisive step towards more

service-based turnover when cars entered the garage.

(View the image HISTORY-HEKA)




1988                                                                                                                                           Relocation to the other side of the road.

Spacious, with 8 above-floor lifting platforms,

2 for incoming vehicles and, of course, the latest

HEKA testing lane right in the entrance of the Volkswagen garage.

(View the images below)



Shock absorber campaign with HEKA testing lane and Monroe generates a +25%

turnover. Daily TÜV / DEKRA inspections at the garage on a daily basis,

purchase of a breakdown lorry, receiving vehicles round-the-clock


2002                                                                                                                                     Recurring campaigns related to HEKA testing lane and the possibility of

interconnection rationalise the in-house operations



Complete alteration of the customer acceptance area, integrating a café and

the latest HEKA testing lane generation UNIVERS TX 4-cm in-floor installation

with PC connection.

Stefan Kallinich manages the car repair shop in the second generation.




As a result, we have been directly in touch with practice,

i.e. to the service customer until today.












HISTORY HEKA = 55 years of experience and progress


The history from the simple brake tester to today’s computer-connected testing lane:



The HEKA testing lane was born! It got its name from Herbert Kallinich.

The first plate testing lane for the garage entrance,

its above-floor height at that time was 8cm!


Transmission of brake values fully automatic, hydraulic, electrically controlled,

consistent readiness for service, simple on-the-floor mounting,

power supply connection 220 V.

Originally, we had built this brake tester for our own Volkswagen garage...

The economic benefits in our own repair shop “Autohaus Kallinich” convinced us:

We are going to build this lane of success for our colleagues as well.





The HEKA testing lane after continued development in our own

vehicle service shop.

In the middle of the garage entrance, cars can drive over it in any direction.

Hydraulic brake tester with quick toe diagnosing as an additional plus.

The construction height was then already 4 cm for easy

mounting on the garage floor...


Now it was possible to check all of the entering vehicles for safety.


The garage entrance = a yield-increasing workplace is created!




HEKA is now already building the 3rd testing lane generation:


The fully electronic testing lane for toe/brake/suspension parts with

IR remote control and cash-receipt type results log for

an informative explanation to the customer.


LED technology

—the latest display method at the time—most sophisticated design,

flattest display encasing and electronic box, micro processor control,

E-PROM for program maintenance, DMS technology to record

brake values in Newton, automatic variance analysis of the brake values,

entry of toe tolerance per IR remote control...

Toe diagnosis in mm (+ sign : toe in / - sign: toe out).


All electronic components are furnished with a plug, so entire modules can be

exchanged without having to use any special tools!





The 1,000th HEKA testing lane is being delivered.


More and more vehicle repair shops are already using the enormous possibilities

offered by the targeted use.

Dynamic diagnosing of brakes, suspension parts, and toe are catching on.

The HEKA quick toe measurement on front and rear axle makes it

unnecessary to diagnose when the wheels are correctly aligned and

ensures that the capacity of the measuring system is better utilised after defects

have been detected.


HEKA testing lane = comfortable, tyre-friendly diagnosis, logical testing steps,

economical, only 1/100 of the electricity consumption of common testing lanes...





The traffic light is added to the HEKA display.

Automatic red / yellow / green analysis,

displays “ready for operation” and “in operation”...



"The world’s speediest testing lane".





HEKA testing lane no. 5,000 is being delivered.

The plate testing system wins through again and again because all vehicle brake

systems are built for the road and HEKA has always been basing their construction

on this principle.



"Dynamic testing: toe - brake – suspension parts".








The new sensor generation DMS with blue angular case and integrated amplifier!

Computer box with state-of-the art technology, computer program...



Testing procedure including a log in just one minute:

also suitable for 4-wheel drive vehicles, low-chassis cars...






The 8,000th HEKA testing lane is on its way to the customer.

The new HEKA High-Speed-Sensor and the new 4-cm brake testing segments

go into production with +20% more testing space at same dimensions!     


PC connection and computer program 6.0 are widely accepted in the market.

The HEKA testing results log in A4 format and colour becomes standard.




"The most interesting investment for your car repair shop".





HEKA is able to look back on a 40-year history.


Introduction of the new testing lane generation with an overall height of 4 cm,

computer connection, large-scale digital display, radio remote control,

computer software for Windows®.



is the contemporary product for today’s and tomorrow’s service market.

                                     The top seller among HEKA testing lanes


The HEKA PLANT FREIBURG is now being managed together by

Herbert Kallinich and Christian Kallinich.

We are consistently pursuing the tried and tested HEKA line of success....



   The best product

   The best investment

   The best service



Learn more about HEKA on the following pages.

We wish you a lot of fun browsing through them!!



















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